Biblical Studies in General


Last updated:  October 30, 2011

Annotated Old Testament Bibliography.  By Richard S. Hess and M. Daniel Carroll R.  Denver Journal
The Authority of the Bible  Phyllis Bird
A Basic Vocabulary of Biblical Studies for Beginning Students.  By Fred L. Horton, Kenneth G. Hoglund, and Mary F. Foskett
Bible and Interpretation  Much current news, articles, and reviews.
The Bible and our Ethics.  A discussion of the ethical importance of the Bible with special attention to the issue of homosexuality by Ralph W. Klein.
Bible Basics.  Provides "basic" information about the Bible, including pronunciation of words. 
Bible Origins  Humanist approach to the Bible.  Walter Mattfield.
The Bible:  the Book that Bridges the Millennia. By the United Methodist Church.  History of interpretation; hermeneutical suggestions.

Biblical Studies after Seminex.  A lecture by Ralph W. Klein at the 25th Anniversary of Christ Seminary--Seminex.
Biblical Studies Digital Library
Biblical Studies Foundation  The Biblical Studies Foundation is a non-profit organization founded for the purpose of distributing sound, evangelical Bible study materials in electronic format so those with small personal libraries or without access to a local Bible college or seminary library, etc., may have access to sound biblical studies from their home.
Biblical Studies on the Web  Many fine links and a scriptural index of biblical commentaries on the web.  Also quite dependent on the Catholic Encyclopedia of nearly a century ago.  Connection to the biblical periodical Biblica.
The Children of Israel:  Reading the Bible for the Sake of our Children.  By Danna Nolan Fewell.  Reviewed by Marian Broida in Journal of Hebrew Scriptures.
Contextual Interpretation of the Bible.   Excerpt by Maxine Clarke Beach
Early History of God:  Yahweh and the Other Deities in Ancient Israel.  By Mark S. Smith

Gutenberg Digital.  Info on the Gutenberg Bible.
A History of Biblical Interpretation.  By Alan J. Hauser and Duane F. Watson.  Published by Bible and Interpretation website
Homosexuality and Early Christianity.  Many interesting links, including medieval history.
Hyptertext Bible Dictionary
Image Datebase for Biblical Studies.  Yale Divinity School.
Index of Articles on Jewish Studies  "Rambi".  From the Jewish National and University Library.
Introduction to and Outline of all the Books in the Old Testament.  Published by the Net Bible
Introduction to the Hebrew Bible.  By John J. Collins.  Reviews by Tim McLay and Thomas Römer in Review of Biblical Literature.

An Introduction to the Old Testament:  The Canon and Christian Imagination.  By Walter Brueggemann.  Reviewed by Thomas Hieke for Review of Biblical Literature
  Old Testament Life and Literature by Gerald Larue.  Links to the complete text of this introduction to the OT.
Old Testament Story Chart.  By Tyler F. Williams.
Online Bible Study Bible Study Tools
Review of Biblical Literature Search Page  Excellent reviews from the Society of Biblical Literature.
Skeptic's Annotated Bible  Caustic comments from a former Christian.


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