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This page presents an index to the texts common to ANET and all three COS volumes.  I had thought that
there would be such an index included in the indices at the end of volume 3, but I was mistaken.  I hope that
this is found to be useful by others.  I certainly find it to be so.  Suggestions for additions are welcome.  

The format is simple.  The first column is the COS reference number.  The second column is the title given to
the work in COS.  The third column is the ANET page number(s).  The fourth column is the title given to the work
in ANET.

COS 1.4 From Pyramid Texts Spell 600 ANET 3 The Creation by Atum
COS 1.9 From Papyrus Bremer-Rind ANET 6-7 The Repulsing of the Dragon and the Creation
COS 1.15 From the "Memphite Theology" ANET 4-6 The Theology of Memphis
COS 1.17 From Coffin Texts Spell 1130 ANET 7-8 All Men Created Equal in Opportunity
COS 1.18 Book of the Dead 175 ANET 9-10 The Primeval Establishment of Order
COS 1.19 Coffin Text 157 ANET 10 The Mythological Origin of Certain Unclean Animals
COS 1.21 The Repulsing of the Dragon ANET 11-12 The Repulsing of the Dragon
COS 1.22 The Legend of Isis and the Name of Re ANET 12-14 The God and His Unknown Name of Power
COS 1.23 The Legend of Astarte and the Tribute of the Sea ANET 17-18 Astarte and the Tribute of the Sea
COS 1.24 The Destruction of Mankind ANET 10 Deliverance of Mankind from Destruction
COS 1.25 The Great Cairo Hymn of Praise to Amun-Re ANET 365-367 A Hymn to Amon-Re
COS 1.27 Two Hymns to the Sun-god ANET 367-368 A Universalist Hymn to the Sun
COS 1.28 The Great Hymn to the Aten ANET 369-371 The Hymn to the Aton
COS 1.30 The Song from the Tomb of King Intef ANET 467 A Song of the Harper
COS 1.31 The Song from the Tomb of Neferhotep ANET 33-34 The Good Fortune of the Dead
COS 1.32 Execration Texts ANET 328-329 The Execration of Asiatic Princes
COS 1.33 Dream Oracles ANET 495 The Interpretation of Dreams
COS 1.34 Daily RItual of the Temple of Amun-Re at Karnak ANET 325-326 The Daily Ritual in the Temple
COS 1.35 Merikare ANET 414-418 The Instruction for King Meri-ka-re
COS 1.36 Amenemhet ANET 418-419 The Instruction of King Amen-em-het
COS 1.40 The Two Brothers ANET 23-25 The Story of Two Brothers
COS 1.41 The Report of Wenamun ANET 25-29 The Journey of Wen-Amon to Phoenicia
COS 1.42 The Admonitions of an Egyptian Sage:  the Admonitions of Ipuwer ANET 441-444 The Admonitions of Ipu-wer
COS 1.43 The Eloquent Peasant ANET 407-410 The Protests of the Eloquent Peasant
COS 1.46 Instruction of Any ANET 420-421 The Instruction of Ani
COS 1.47 Instruction of Amenemope ANET 421-424 The Instruction of Amen-em-opet
COS 1.48 Dua-khety or the Satire on the Trades ANET 432-434 The Satire on the Trades
COS 1.53 The Famine Stela ANET 31-32 The Tradition of Seven Lean Years in Egypt
COS 1.54 The Legend of the Possessed Princess ("Butresh  Stela") ANET 29-31 The Legend of the Possessed Princess
COS 1.55 Elkunirsa and Asertu ANET 519 El, Ashertu and the Storm-god
COS 1.56 The Storm-god and the Serpent (Iluyanka) ANET 125-126 The Myth of Iluyankas
COS 1.57 The Wrath of Telipinu ANET 126-128 The Telepinus Myth
COS 1.60 Plague Prayers of Mursili II ANET 394-396 Plague Prayer of Mursilis
COS 1.63 Uhhamuwa's Ritual Against Plague ANET 347 Ritual Against Pestilence
COS 1.66 The First Soldiers' Oath ANET 353-354 The Soldiers' Oath
COS 1.74 Deeds of Suppiluliuma ANET 319 Suppiluliumas and the Egyptian Queen
COS 1.83 Instructions to Priests and Temple Officials ANET 207-210 Instructions for Temple Officials
COS 1.84 Instructions to Commanders of Border Garrisons ANET 210-211 From the Instructions for the Commander of the Border Guards
COS 1.86 The Ba`lu Myth ANET 129-142 Poems about Baal and Anath
COS 1.102 The Kirta Epic ANET 142-149 The Legend of King Keret
COS 1.103 The 'Aqhatu Legend ANET 149-155 The Tale of Aqhat
COS 1.108 The Descent of Ishtar to the Underworld ANET 106-109 Descent of Ishtar to the Nether World
COS 1.109 Nergal and Ereshkigal ANET 507-512 Nergal and Ereshkigal
COS 1.110 Nergal and Ereshkigal (Amarna Version) ANET 103-104 Nergal and Ereshkigal
COS 1.111 Epic of Creation ANET 60-72, 501-503 The Creation Epic
COS 1.112 The Theogony of Dunnu ANET 517-518 A Babylonian Theogony
COS 1.115 Prayer to Gods of the Night ANET 390-391 Prayer to the Gods of the Night
COS 1.117 The Shamash Hymn ANET 387-389 Hymn to the Sun-god
COS 1.129 The Adapa Story ANET 101-103 Adapa
COS 1.130 Atra-Hasis ANET 104-106, 512-514 Atrahasis
COS 1.131 Etana ANET 114-118, 517 Etana
COS 1.132 Gilgamesh ANET 72-99, 503-507 The Epic of Gilgamesh
COS 1.133 The Birth Legend of Sargon of Akkad ANET 119 The Legend of Sargon
COS 1.134 Babylonian King Lists ANET 271, 272, 566-567 The Babylonian King List B, The Babylonian King List A, A Seleucid King List
COS 1.135 Assyrian King Lists ANET 564-566 The Assyrian King List
COS 1.137 Babylonian Chronicle ANET 301-307 The Neo-Babylonian Empire and its Successors
COS 1.143 An Assurbanipal Hymn for Shamash ANET 386-387 Prayer of Ashurbanipal to the Sun-God
COS 1.153 The Poem of the Righteous Sufferer ANET 596-600 Ludlul Bel Nemeqi
COS 1.154 The Babylonian Theodicy ANET 601-604 The Babylonian Theodicy
COS 1.155 Dialogue of Pessimism or the Obliging Slave ANET 600-601 The Dialogue of Pessimism
COS 1.171 Gilgamesh and Akka ANET 45-47 Gilgamesh and Agga
COS 1.179 "Man and his God" ANET 589-591 Man and His God
COS 2.1 The Tomb Biography of Ahmose of Nekheb ANET 233-234 The Expulsion of the Hyksos
COS 2.2A The Annals of Thutmose III ANET 234 B-238 The Annals in Karnak
COS 2.2B The Gebel Barkal Stela of Thutmose III ANET 238C, 240D-C The Barkal Stela
COS 2.2C The Armant Stela of Thutmose III ANET 234 A The Armant Stela
COS 2.3 The Memphis and Karnak Stelae of Amenhotep II ANET 245-247 The Memphis and Karnak Stelae
COS 2.4A [Sethos I] Karnak, Campaign from Sile to Pa-Canaan, Year 1 ANET 254C, 254A, 254D Campaigns of Seti I in Asia
COS 2.4B [Sethos I] First Beth-Shan Stela, Year 1 ANET 253-254 A Campaign of Seti I in Northern Palestine
COS 2.4C [Sethos I] Karnak, Campaign to Yenoam and Lebanon (Year 1 or Later) ANET 254C Campaigns of Seti I in Asia
COS 2.4D [Sethos I] Second Beth-Shan Stela, Year Lost ANET 255 Beth-Shan Stelae of Seti I and Ramses II
COS 2.5A [Ramesses II] The Battle of Qadesh -- The Poem, or Literary Record ANET 255-256 The Asiatic Campaigning of Ramses II
COS 2.6 The (Israel) Stela of Merneptah ANET 376-378 Hymn of Victory of Mer-ne-ptah (The "Israel Stela")
COS 2.10 Coffin Text 159 ANET 33 The Fields of Paradise
COS 2.12 Book of the Dead 125 ANET 34-36 The Protestation of Guiltlessness
COS 2.23 The Inscription of King Mesha ANET 320-321 The Moabite Stone
COS 2.28 The Siloam Tunnel Inscription ANET 321 The Siloam Inscription
COS 2.29 The Inscription of King Yahimilk ANET 653-654 Yehimilk of Byblos
COS 2.30 The Kulamuwa Inscription ANET 654-655 Kilamuwa of Y'dy-Sam'al
COS 2.32 The Inscription of King Yehawmilk ANET 656 Yehawmilk of Byblos
COS 2.35 The Inscription of Zakkur, King of Hamath ANET 655-656 Zakir of Hamat and Lu`ath
COS 2.55 The Sarcophagus Inscription of 'Ahirom, King of Byblos ANET 661 Ahiram of Byblos
COS 2.56 The Sarcophagus Inscription of Tabnit, King of Sidon ANET 662 Tabnit of Sidon
COS 2.57 The Sarcophagus Inscription of 'Eshmun`azor, King of Sidon ANET 662 Eshmun`azar of Sidon
COS 2.82 The Inscription of Bar Ga'yah and Mati`el from Sefire ANET 659-661 The Treaty between KTK and Arpad
COS 2.85 The Gezer Calendar ANET 320 The Gezer Calendar
COS 2.86 An Amulet from Arslan Tash ANET 658 The Amulet from Arslan Tash
COS 2.113A [Shalmaneser III] Kurkh Monolith ANET 277-278 [Shalmaneser III] Annalistic Reports (i 29-ii 13)
COS 2.113B [Shalmaneser III] Annals:  Assur Clay Tablets Cf. ANET 278-279 [Shalmaneser III] Annalistic Reports
COS 2.113C [Shalmaneser III] Annals"  Calah Bulls ANET 279-280 [Shalmaneser III] Annalistic Reports (Bull Inscription)
COS 2.113F [Shalmaneser III] Black Obelisk ANET 278-281 [Shalmaneser III] Annalistic Reports (Black Obelisk)
COS 2.113G [Shalmaneser III] Assur Basalt Statue ANET 280 [Shalmaneser III] Various Inscriptions (a)
COS 2.113H [Shalmaneser III] Black Stone Cylinder ANET 281 [Shalmaneser III] Various Inscriptions (c)
COS 2.114E [Adad-nirari III] Saba'a Stela ANET 282 [Adad-Nirari III] (b) Saba'a Stela
COS 2.117A [Tiglath-Pileser III] The Calah Annals ANET 282-283 [Tiglath-Pileser III] Annalistic Records (103-133)
COS 2.117C [Tiglath-Pileser III] Summary Inscription 4 ANET 283-284 [Tiglath-Pileser III] Annalistic Records (1-34)
COS 2.118A [Sargon II] The Annals ANET 285 [Sargon II] From Annalistic Reports (23-57)
COS 2.118E [Sargon II] The Great "Summary" Inscription ANET 284-285 [Sargon II] Inscriptions of a General Nature (1)
COS 2.118F [Sargon II] The Small "Summary" Inscription ANET 285 [Sargon II] From Annalistic Reports (11-15)
COS 2.118i [Sargon II] The Nimrud Inscription ANET 287 [Sargon II] From Broken Prisms (3)
COS 2.119B Sennacherib's Siege of Jerusalem ANET 287-288 [Sennacherib] (a) The Siege of Jerusalem
COS 2.124 Cyrus Cylinder ANET 315-316 Cyrus
COS 2.130 The Laws of Eshnunna ANET 161-163 The Laws of Eshnunna
COS 2.131 The Laws of Hammurabi ANET 163-180 The Code of Hammurabi
COS 2.132 The Middle Assyrian Laws ANET 180-188 The Middle Assyrian Laws
COS 2.133 The Neo-Babylonian Laws ANET 197-198 The Neo-Babylonian Laws
COS 2.153 The Laws of Ur-Nammu ANET 523-525 The Laws of Ur-Nammu
COS 2.154 The Laws of Lipit-Ishtar ANET 159-161 Lipit-Ishtar Lawcode
COS 2.155 The Cylinders of Gudea ANET 268-269 Gudea, ENSI of Lagash
COS 3.2 The Craft of the Scribe ANET 475-479 A Satirical Letter
COS 3.3 Praise of Pi-Ramessu (Papyrus Anastasi I) ANET 471 In Praise of the City Ramses
COS 3.4 A Report of Escaped Laborers (Papyrus Anastasi V) ANET 259 The Pursuit of Runaway Slaves
COS 3.5 A Report of Bedouin (Papyrus Anastasi VI) ANET 259 The Report of a Frontier Official
COS 3.8 The Turin Judicial Papyrus (The Harem Conspiracy against Ramesses III) ANET 214-216 Results of a Trial for Conspiracy
COS 3.10 A Lawsuit over a Syrian Slave ANET 216-217 From the Record of a Lawsuit
COS 3.41 The Mesad Hashavyahu (Yavneh Yam) Ostracon ANET 568 A Letter from the Time of Josiah
COS 3.42A Lachish Ostraca [2] ANET 322 Lachish Ostracon II
COS 3.42B Lachish Ostraca [3] ANET 322 Lachish Ostracon III
COS 3.42C Lachish Ostraca [4] ANET 322 Lachish Ostracon IV
COS 3.42D Lachish Ostraca [5] ANET 322 Lachish Ostracon V
COS 3.42E Lachish Ostraca [6] ANET 322 Lachish Ostracon VI
COS 3.42F Lachish Ostraca [9] ANET 322 Lachish Ostracon IX
COS 3.43A Arad Ostraca [1] ANET 569B Three Ostraca from Arad (A)
COS 3.43H Arad Ostraca [17] ANET 569C Three Ostraca from Arad (B)
COS 3.43i Arad Ostraca [18] ANET 569A Three Ostraca from Arad (C)
COS 3.46 [The Jedaniah Archive from Elephantine] The Passover Letter ANET 491 "The Passover Papyrus"
COS 3.51 [The Jedaniah Archive from Elephantine] Request for Letter of Recommendation (First Draft) ANET 491-492 Petition fro Authorization to Rebuild the Temple of Yaho
COS 3.52 [The Jedaniah Archive from Elephantine] Recommendation for Reconstruction of Temple ANET 492 Advice of the Governors of Juda and Samaria to the Jews of Elephantine
COS 3.53 [The Jedaniah Archive from Elephantine] Offer of Payment for Reconstruction of Temple (Draft) ANET 492 Petition by Elephantine Jews, Perhaps to Arsames
COS 3.65 [The Mibtahiah Archive] Withdrawal from Goods ANET 491 Settlement of Claim by Oath
COS 3.87C Offer to Sew a Garment ANET 491 Letter from One Jew to Another of Superior Station
COS 3.87E Greetings from a Pagan to a Jew ANET 491 Greeting from a Pagan to a Jew
COS 3.92A Letter of Abdi-heba of Jerusalem (EA 286) ANET 487-488 [The Amarna Letters] EA, No. 286
COS 3.92B Letter of Abdi-heba of Jerusalem (EA 289) ANET 489 [The Amarna Letters] EA, No. 289
COS 3.92C Letter of the Ruler of Gazru (EA 292) ANET 489-490 [The Amarna Letters] EA, No. 292
COS 3.92G Letter of Lab'ayu of Shechem (EA 254) ANET 486 [The Amarna Letters] EA, No. 254

COS:  The Context of Scripture.  3 volumes.  Eds.  William W. Hallo and K. Lawson Younger. Leiden:  Brill, 1997-2002

ANET:  Ancient Near Eastern Texts Relating to the Old Testament.  Third Edition with Supplement.  Ed. James B. Pritchard.
Princeton:  Princeton Univ. Press, 1969